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Airstream for rent!

You want to cater your clients and guests with Streetfood?

Airstream - The Mobile Kitchen and Foodtruck for Your Event In Europe

The Airstream is always an eye-catcher!

It not only enhances your event, but also allows the catering team to respond even more flexibly to your wishes and to cook freshly for you and your guests. It looks like a "food truck" but is a mobile kitchen with an external grill station! Of course, it can also be used as a food truck for a streetfood event!

Book our Airstream for your event across Europe with or without our Cateringteam!

Use the Airstream with our branding our rebrand the Airstream as you like it!

Perfect for catering - street food - party catering - show cooking - barbecue courses - crew catering - film catering - filming!

The Airstream will be brought to your venue, set up, the team instructed and dismantled after the event and transported back.

Equipment of the Airstream

The following devices are installed in the Airstream or can be rented seperately:

- SMEG Professional Dishwasher. 2 pieces with 50x50 cm baskets each for glasses, cutlery and dinnerware

- Bain Marie Electric, 2x

- Induction hotplates 3x

- SMEG Gas stove with 6 burners

- Plancha for gas stove - 2x, ideal for burger and sausage grilling

- Electric oven with 90 cm width

- Refrigerators with insertions for 1/1 catering containers

- SMEG Freezer

- Beer cooler - dry cooler - incl. Tap (suitable for Austrian Hirter Beer, can be changed, if necessary)

- Sink with hot and cold water

- Air conditioning / heating - you can use the Airstream in winter conditions!

- Hose for water connection (with GARDENA connector), ca. 50 m

- Wastewater tube, ca. 20 m

- Cord 400 V/32 A 50 m

- Cord 240 V ca. 40 m

- All devices with water connection (dish washer, boiler, hose) are dismounted during wintertime because of danger of freezing!

- WEBER grills on demand (charcoal, gas, electric) - grills must be used outside of the Airstream

Frying is not allowed within the trailer!

If you are frying within our Airstream we charge extra cleaning costs!

You find more Information and Prices at the bottom of this page!

Impressions of our Airstream

© FOTOS: Footprints - Petra Nestelbacher, DZT Janos Bakula, Partyköchin

SMEG Gasherd mit 6 Flammen und Elektro-Backrohr mit 90 cm Breite
SMEG Gasherd mit 6 Flammen und Elektro-Backrohr mit 90 cm Breite
SMEG Gasherd mit 6 Flammen und Elektro-Backrohr mit 90 cm Breite

Parameters for Airstream Operation


- Total lenght ca. 11 m

- Length inside ca. 8,2 m

- Width outside ca. 2,5 m

- With inside ca. 2,3 m

- Height inside (in the middle) ca. 2 m

- Weight fully equipped* 3.500 kg

Requirements for positioning the AIrstream:

-  Access and exit possible, reversing possibility, length of car and trailer approx. 17 m

-  No delivery or pickup on snowy roadways (rescheduling of the delivery/pickup dates necessary)

- Area/Space trafficable with 7.000 kg - as even as possible

- Space required without grill&BBQ station min. 12 x 4 m

- Space required with grill]BBQ station min. 12 x 8 m

- Power connection 400 V with 32 or 16 A

- Alternatively 1x 230 V - not all devices can be used

- Water connection - cold water

- Sewer


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